Roland R880 internal patches problem

Hi guys,

We recently purchased a Roland R880. We received today and realize that it has not any of the internal patches, the guy from we bought it erased when he updated to the version 2 but he did not do back up before and there are no patches inside.
How can we reset the Roland to recover all the patches? we have check it the manual to find the solution but We couldnt find anything about .
If anyone knows, please tell us.


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The manual states:

Note also that if you accidentally erase one of the internal programs that was provided with the unit and wish to get it back, the parameters for all of the factory programs -- both Internal and on the System card -- are detailed in the provided booklet "GC-8 Preset Data for R-880", and you can reconstruct the program by entering in those parameters by hand.

That booklet is the only source for this data I could find, but I couldn't find it online. If you're lucky enough to have received one with your R-880, that's your solution.

If not, you could Google "presets for roland r-880" (or some variant) and ask for help on one of the resulting sites' bulletin board forums. I see many have restored presets for their System Cards, maybe someone has a copy of that booklet they'd be willing to share with you.
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Thanks a lot for your reply. We didnt saw the preset data sheet in the manual. It didnt show up in the table of content, there are a lot presets there.
Thanks again for your help. Its great to copy the presets to get familiar with the unit.
Hi people,
Now we have experience another issue. We are trying to copy the presets that its in the manual as you told us but it said that the internal memory is full. How is it full? there is no internal presets, its suppose to have plenty of space.
Do you know how can I solved this? I cant find any info in the manual