Rock song: Cave Paintings


Hi all,

I'd appreciate your ears on this mix.

It's a song that started with the idea of "what if a caveman had a cell phone". It grew to become a bleak comparison of Neandertal life with that of today where I attempt to show that we have lost the magic that our ancestors felt and even with all the social media connections we are alone compared to their way of life.

I've used Melodyne 5 Editor (it was on sale last month for $99 US) on the vox and guitars in Bandlab's Cakewalk. It was worth the upgrade.

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The vocals don't seem to gel with the rest of the band, almost like they're too clean. I like the wall of sound you've got going and some nice change ups in there


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I would strip the song down to the Bass, Drums and Vocals and then rebuild it. The Snyth pads and guitar are overwhelming the song.


Thanks for the listens and advice.

Spent a few hours on the mix over the past week, looking at the vocals and synth guitar, then the drums were wrong, then the leads were wrong and I think I've ended up with a clearer mix. I didn't want to take that synth guitar any further back in volume, so this is what I'm left with.

I really appreciate your help,


Love the groove/concept!

+1 to The pads are a bit overwhelming, especially when the vocals are singing.

I like the part at 2:15, the pause from the standard chug

At least to my airpods, I feel like the final guitar solo could be a bit more up front to slash our souls.


I kinda like the instruments, but the vocals sounds too electronic to me hahaha. But the mix in general sounds good. I just think the song has too much going on at the same time. I guess is more of a production thing.


Thanks, CMolena,

I'm not looking to be stroked here, I know I'm not the greatest musician but I want to learn how to put a good mix of my stuff out there.

For some reason I seem to challenge myself with mixes that are beyond my ability to mix, if you know what I mean. Every response helps, good or bad and I try to move on. Every pair of ears is different, as is every room.



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I like the acoustic and drums. Seens like the opening lead guitar could be folded into the mix better (eq-wise).

I kind of like the dry vocals- bleak, Roger Waters vibe. But those phrase-ending lyric restatements could be treated with something special (delay or another effect).


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I mean, neanderthals and early humans had a roughly 25% of living past the age of 40, and their infant mortality rates were horrific, so it probably wasn't exactly a utopia lol.

Anyway, I dig this tune. It has great character.

I like the blend of instruments. The bass, drums, keys, and guitars sit nicely together.

Agree with the earlier comment - the vocals are still somehow a touch dry relative to the style. Do you have a parallel reverb on there? Seems like this is the kind of track where you could go with a big old tail.


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Very cool, like the vocals , unique and sound confident and into the song...lead guitar is really good! Loved the outro starting at 4:00...
Checked out your soundclick and also dug "Why Dont He Care About Me" stuff !


Thanks for listening everyone.

I've tried a mix with verb on the vocals, I'm note sure that I like it as much as the dry ones. I've done some other processing with the effects and overall eq.

ibleedburgundy: I think I was trying to get at the lost spirituality we have now with all these religions rather than the pagan ones where we worshipped the earth - I don't know anymore.

stratmonkee: Why Don't He Care was from a weird album I worked on in 2017, before I learned how to use Melodyne! You can listen for free at

So I've posted the updated mix on the original link if anyone is still interested.

Thanks for your help,