Remote direction of session via Zoom


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I have an audio recording session for a local author and the Director want to be on the recording session by zoom. I’m not sure how to set this up through our soundboard so the talent can hear the direction in her headphones from the zoom call. Any advice?
Using Behringer X32 Producer running to a Mac with Adobe Audition.

rob aylestone

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Audio from the computer into the board and send the computer a mix of her voice and your voice. Be prepared to have to baby sit it so you can prevent her hearing the random echos and repeated noise. Make sure the director uses headphones so this is reduced to a minimum. You want zoom’s rejection to have to work as minimally as it can.


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Whenever I've done this I've used a separate computer for the director's call (via Skype in my case) with its inputs and outputs going to normal channels on the mixer. I can then send the signal as foldback to the performer and send the performer's signal from a group output on the desk to the Skype computer.


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My experience with trying to use Zoom for remote collaboration (going back about 18 months ago) was that interfaces aren't always detected by Zoom as valid audio devices, so unable to inject the audio into the Zoom call. Instead I use a third party app to stream the audio with low latency in real time and have my collaborator remote into my computer using AnyDesk to screen share. JamesPerrett's idea would be a viable plan B if I wanted to get into routing audio around, for my needs and the collaborator being a trusted person I opted for using the screenshare instead. We use our cellphones to discuss as we're working.


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Use a separate computer for the zoom call.
Send an aux out of the board into the interface for the zoom computer to feed the performer to the director.
The output of the zoom computer goes into a channel on the mixer that is only sent to the performers headphones and whatever you are listening on. (Do not send this back to the zoom computer)

You are going to want a mic for yourself, to talk to the director and performer.

That's pretty much it. Zoom itself does much of the work for you. Just make sure zoom is listening to the interface, not the built in microphone.

Ed Fones

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It is just done through a mixer into your 'sealed' headphones. Or if your one of the higher grade interfaces allows you to put external signals into your headphones in the sound booth.

The headphones used by the recording person need to be sealed 'closed back' type so that whatever you can hear in them as your Director rattles away, cannot be picked up by the recording mic. For this reason the headphones are not too loud either and of a good quality like Audio-Technica ATH-M50's or Beyerdynamic 770 pro's and above.