Refresh Folder Contents?


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I've just downloaded the thirty day free trial of Ableton, it's going slow but I'm enjoying it.

Is there a way to refresh your user folders in Ableton (The folders on your computer with all your drum sounds e.t.c) when you add new files/sounds? I just added a snare to one of my folders and it's not showing up in Ableton. In Maschine you simply right click - press refresh and your newly added files show up.
The only way I seem to be able to do it is to close Ableton down completely then load it all up again and the file is there. There must be an easier way than that.

All help gratefully received as I can't find an answer anywhere. I'm using a mac inscase this makes a difference.

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There is a refresh button. If the files are in the project folder, the project folder automatically refreshes. I don't have 10, so I don't know all of the new items it might be different. But it should auto populate if the file is in the project folder.