Reaper Effects Question


I've been dabbling with some of the effects in reaper, and one thing I can't seem to get a hold of:
When I used to record in the past, I would sometimes pan the signal to one side, and a delay to the other.
The result was a fuller sound, but with the effects that are included, the result is not the same; in fact, it's weaker.
I'm panning the signal to, say, 25% one way, and the effect the same amount the other.
The dry and wet settings are also not much help, unless I'm using them wrong - which is usually at their default settings.
(Maybe this effect is doable with a multiple tap, maybe?)

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The way to get what you are seeking is to make sure the dry settings on the effect are to their miminum, i.e. "-inf". That way the effect won't mess with your signal panned to the other side by having the main signal included with the effect


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If adjusting FX settings doesn't get you the same result you were getting in a different DAW, you might try messing around with your pan law settings. (alt+enter to bring up project settings; then look under the advanced tab)


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Which delay are you using? You can set up a effect track and use a send to apply the level and pan setting in the send. The effect level will track with the straight track and you can just play with the settings until you get what you want. It would looks something like this

Effects send and pan.jpg


Thanks - this way seems to work the way I'd like, but each track shares the same delay settings.
If each track has its own effect applied to it, I can then change the time, but with the dry signal set to minimum, there's no stereo balance in this configuration, it seems.
Probably something simple I'm overlooking.


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I often prefer to use the JS delays because, compared to ReaDelay, they are simpler and don't have so many parameters to play with.


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JP, I just used ReaDelay to demonstrate the send process. I don't tend to use a lot of delays, but I use that process a lot for reverb. It helps to give things consistency. The only cool thing about it is that you can do the ping pong effect by adding taps.

BMG, are you talking about a stereo balance in the delay, or between the delay and dry signal. You can easily adjust the width between the two channels with the pan control. If you add a bit of dry to the effect, then you can move the dry signal more to the center with the delay on the side.


Talking about the delay and dry signal.
The pan control doesn't work for me - it weakens the signal - dilutes it.
I'm thinking the FX on each track are for just that, adding an effect to just that channel, not for any stereo effects.
The send technique with an effects track above is probably the way to go for me.


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One way to do this in one track would be to set ReaDelay 100% wet and set its output pins to only go to the one side, leaving the other side unchecked so the dry signal flows through. This will give you the two signals hard panned opposite each other.

From there you can either adjust the track’s width parameter to bring them both in closer to center or put it into dual pan mode and just pan them each separately.