Quadraverb 2 Q2 update


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Hi I’ve got a q2 effects rack that is not fully functional, basically the presets all work , all the buttons are good but I can’t get any effects in user mode , on my other q2 I can edit blocks in user setting but no this one I can only edit while in presets mode then I can save to user preset, can anyone tell me if an firmware update chip you can get for around £40 would perhaps solve this issue? Any feedback would be great thanks
It's impossible to tell what the fault is - Qardraverbs aren't particularly complicated - I can't imagine the Firmware update helping out.
firmware is easy enough to upgrade. Are you using a USB chip burner? I use a BURN2 USB thing. For 27cf512's chips or similar.

its quite a system. Does Hondata chips,or Quadraverb firmwares,or digitech 2112chips..etc. the software copies the information. There used to be a database with all the firmwares. didnt keep up with it.