Producing with ASIO4ALL V2


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Can you produce an entire track, with VST, etc, with ASIO4ALL V2 without any issues?
I'm starting to deal with pops and clicks, had to use 2024 buffer and still enable "Allow Pull Mode (WaveRT), to stop it, but have no idea if untill the end of the project, more VST, more midi, etc, if I will run out of options.

Could my old CPU (Ryzen 7 1700X) be causing this issue?

I don't have an audio interface here where I am now, so I'm using an external DAC (dongle), but not sure if this is gonna work.
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Unless I've misunderstood, your driver is not really producing your track, your DAW is. It's just a translator so your DAW can talk to whatever produces your analogue signal. It doesn't degenerate the audio, but offers generic conversion. The downside has always been stability and speed. To make it generic, it does things slowly. So the question is, with your software and hardware, can you cope with the delay (latency) it introduces. I have it on a few of my systems and used it only a few days ago to make an old interface with now Windows driver, work. Great audio quality BUT 75ms audio latency which didn't matter for playback, but it would be impossible to record a new track with sync this loose - you'd have to manually realign everything and mixing real and recorded audio or even through the DAW monitoring, would drive you mad. It's a great bodge toolwhen you don't have purpose written drivers.
I had a look at FlexASIO and it seems to have lower latencies. I've installed it and I can run at buffer 1024, while I need 2048 with ASIO4ALL V2. Have to test it yet, at the same time I'm working on this project. But as you say, this will never be ideal. I'm using it on the go, though.