PreSonus shipping delays?


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I ordered an audio interface on reverb over the weekend. It still hasn’t shipped yet so I messaged the seller, and they said PreSonus is shipping it direct. But they’re having delays due to covid and “having to move between facilities”.

Has anyone else experienced any shipment delays with PreSonus lately? It’s pretty annoying, I’m wondering if I should just cancel the order because there’s no ETA at all.


Cancel it now. Get your money back. I'm serious. Get it while you still can.

EVERYTHING is empty right now. Not just PreSonus. Not just electronics. Not just music. Everything is on the ragged edge.
I have delivery dates on everything from Behringer synths to heavy Machinetools. ALL of them are weeks away and some "late summer or later". Anything from the Asian Rim is months away. Europe is way behind. Talking to a feed store operator (yes, livestock stuff). He can't get feedstock from a couple of states away!

Yes, Covid is the talking point, but I fear that's not entirely true. Yes, there's the 'labor shortage' where a lot of people are still at home, but an awful lot of stuff is automated. Those automated lines can't get their supplies from other automated lines. Yes, the Suez was blocked "entirely by accident" but how does the Suez affect deliveries from Wisconsin? That's the excuse they used. Guess they got tired of using Covid.

Was looking at an online order that right before payment said "delivery in 45-60 days". Now they had said nothing about 'backorder'. 45 days?? IOW, they didn't have a CLUE when they would see it, but they're trying to tie up the money until they relent. I didn't buy the equipment.

So i've learned my lesson the hard way. Years ago, when i used to go to McDonald's, and they actually fried burgers and put them in bins, I learned to NEVER order anything that you could not see, otherwise, you might be standing there for 10 minutes. Right now, i've learned again that that same policy applies to everyone I'm doing business with.

If you ain't got it, ready to ship, I ain't buying. If you can't commit to a date prior to money transacting, I'm not your customer. Maybe we'll return to better days, maybe not, but right now, beware.


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I called presonus and got status on my order since the dealer couldn’t be bothered. They said their warehouses are backed up two-three weeks for this interface. The dealer (“The FX Chain”) suuuucks, they couldn’t make that phone call themselves?


I haven’t bought anything from PreSonus but I’ve bought from Behringer back in the beginning of January and I’m still waiting on it. So many delays in the audio world.


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That’s insane crows! You are much more patient than I, I’m trying to get this order cancelled now. I found it used somewhere else and they’re ready to ship.
Just came across this thread and let me tell you it's no better now than it was last May. I ordered a PreSonus 64s digital mixer and a 32r live box back in August and still have not gotten them. The last status I got was they may be shipping out the end of this month. (November). Is there another brand of digital mixer that would sync up with Studio One and have 64 channels?