Post your album artworks.

Is that a photo? That’s really cool. I like the texture, too.
I found the old photo on the internet. It fit the desire of the mood of the album, a dirt road of life, shit behind us, but we are driven with all our might to go forward.

I think the photo is around from 1920's. I did some fake, old time colorization, and added the texture and titles.

I remember seeing old photos of men in the military that were killed in WWII. Their mother's had these photos that had been colorized. I always like that look and so I tried to imitate that somewhat.

Glad you like it.
A couple of years ago I posted a pic of the 16 defibrillator CD covers.
We have now done more, so here is a compilation of twenty covers artwork. None of the albums have banes. They only have numbers, so each cover is related to its number.


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