Poll: Analogue Fun

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It's Too Funky in Here!!!
You mean, besides me?


I don't record as much as I'd like too, but it's still loads of fun, whenever I get a chance. Aah, so much analog, and so little time!


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You can call me a tape slut. I love it, the sound and the smell of tape.

Analog boards too, I just had a two days session with a bigband.
21 microphones and tracks at once. Punch in's in a rest of half a second, just great fun.

I have only used EQ on two tracks, kick and snare. The other 19 tracks were recorded without EQ, just the sound of the mics.
The sound is just great, because it's analog! (two inch)

Boy, what a party, fun fun fun! And I even get payed for it!


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I just got my Prophet-5 back from the shop, and spent a whole afternoon lovingly reviewing the magical sounds in its memory (it turns 20 years old in August). I have a softsynth Pro-52, but it's just not the same.

I know you're talking analog recording, but analog music of all kinds (I love my Hammond!) really trips my trigger.

I'll return this thread to the tapeheads now...