Pitch of a different feather


COO of me, inc.
I have this mp3 which is an old, old basement recording of my earliest band. It's just a room recording with muddy vocals and heavy on the bass (me) - no doubt due to my recently acquired Ampeg 8x10 half-stack.

I thought I'd try re-recording it (me all instruments) for fun.

I dropped it into Reaper then tuned up the Strat and hit Play and .. ?? wha..?? wtf..?

I knew where the chords/notes are supposed to be but this was off pitch enough to make me cringe as I tried playing along.

Reaper saves the day!

Item properties let me play around with the pitch of the mp3 until... BOOM!... it locked right into the Strat. Ohhhh what a feeling.

That is all.