Now seems to be the time, what VST brands are your favorite?


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My interface is the UA Apollo. UA uses certain unison models, but the interface must be plugged in to use them. When I bought it , it came with a bundle or two. However, I needed some tools to use in the DAW without it. Just in case. Also, I hate buying the shit. Like, stuff that is 'regular price $399.99 48 hrs sale $29 bucks!' That doesn't make me feel good about it. Does anybody buy them at full price? Or download the Crackz? I don't. The quality of tools you use has a dramatic effect on what you build , ask any Journeyman in any trade. What tools you like best ? What brands?

UA is partnered with

Soft tube

So those are the brands I have looked into

I want a Melodyne thing, or Antares thing too..Bx Crispytuner...something.


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I don't think I paid full price for many of the UAD plugs, and there are no crackz for them. The UAD stuff I mostly used were the compressors and vintage effects like the cooper time cube. I have all the precision plugs, which were good. I also have the SSL channel strips, but I like the Waves versions better for some reason.

I've had both the antares and melodyne and I like melodyne better.

Most of my plugs were UAD and waves and whatever came with Nuendo. There were also Slate drums, Drumagog, and a few other goofy things that I needed once and never thought about again.


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Everything on UA's site is high quality. However, they never go on sale. There is no used marketplace for them either. I like the idea of selling what I don't use.

All their plugins are phenomenal. Intuitive controls. Workable presets. There is perfect confidence they will be compatible with the DAW. UA just doesn't support WIN11 yet.

Softube VSTs require an iLok. Another thing to get in the way. Brainworx does not.
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AnalogObsession makes good stuff. Free too if you can deal with the guilt of not giving anything. I usually subscribe, donate something, and unsubscribe. I messaged him about that and he’s still very appreciative of it.


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Free too if you can deal with the guilt of not giving anything.
No, I have no problems with that.

UA had Antares $150 with a -50 code for BF. For $100. Normally 299
UnitedPlugins had BX Crispy tuner for $29.99 BF coded. Normally 399
Waves tuner was $29.99 for BF. 199 normally.

Still havent made a decision. I just cant commit to anything. Shit, I don't even like autotuning.

When they are not on sale they just too expensive. I used my UA free trial of Antares autotuner when I first got it. I cannot remember if I got it working in the trial or not.


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How many software vocoder/autotuners does one need? 6?

How many floating point EQ's?

How many software synths? (this could be a trick question)

The VST market might be slightly saturated.