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He does however listen on what are perhaps the best of the really cheap 'media' speakers, a pair of Presonus Eris 3.5. These are adequately loud for him. Re recording with a backing track? Yes you will need a mixer and if the track's source is a phone, as it often is, this the cable you need to get stereo into the mixer.
I settled on a Scarlett Solo so I don't think I can bring my stereo mp3 source (small player not a phone) into the system as a stereo signal. The input available is a 1/4 jack for instruments. What confused me is why have a head phone jack when there is no way to get stereo into the device. I'm probably missing something. Thanks for the cable recommendation. It looks like it may be handy at some point - maybe. I will probably just play the backing tracks on my computer which should play out as stereo and not worry about not having a stereo input into the Solo. I use the computer to load these same tracks on the MP3 player anyway.

I have a Evaluation version of Reaper on my desktop. I bought a pair of 3.5" M-Audio speakers. I'm waiting for a USB cable so I can get things positioned in my "studio" (Not). This will be a step up from what I had before


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Yes, you are pretty well stuffed for recording stereo* with the Solo. The box does not even have a 'combi' XLR input whereby you could have at least got two line sources into it. I can never see the point of these 'one lunged' interfaces for anyone with any pretensions to recording music? OK for podders but then they can find more than adequate electronics for a lot less.

*You COULD I suppose use a DI box on the mic channel? The response would however be less than 'flat' and so you would get two channels but crap 'stereo'.