Newbie needing a little help


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Hi guys.
I bought myself a Alesis multimix 8 USB but have a little issue getting it to work.
Connected and configured as per the quick start guide (as there is no full manual), including installing the ASIO4ALL.
I have got my PC sound running though it, which works (youtube plays well through the headphone out on the alesis.
Now I connected my guitar the second of the 8 lines, and made sure the selctor is on guitar (and not mic)
When playing the guitar, even the leds of the master of the Alesis light up, so I know the signal is there.
I just cant hear the guitar?

Also... I am running AmpliTude5 on the side, which also not works now.
In the setup there I select the ASIO4ALL and go in its settings.
There it gives me the WDM device list, but when selecting USB AUDIO CODEC (supposed to be the Alesis), it states this one os not available?
I really hope someome can help me a step on the way to get this working, or links me to a good tutorial?
Thanks in advance!


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More info may be needed.

Which Alesis : Multimix 8 USB or Multimix 8 FX USB ?

Which OS on your PC (Win 7-8-10..) ?

Are you using a DAW.. Which one?


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- Multimix 8 FX USB
- Win 10 Pro
Wanted to try the standalone AmplidTude first, so haven't looked at the DAW side yet, but will hopefully be working with Presonus Studio Pro 5
But that would have been my step after the current problem (if it is a problem, it might work a treat :) )


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If you mean how long it takes for the standalone software from starting it to being ready to use: 4 seconds
PC > i9 11900 / 64Gb @ 3600Mhz / Music software loaded on M.2 drive


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Had a bit of a look in the DAW as well, which doesnt work fopr exactly the same reason
I reckon the problem is the within the ASIO4ALL driver/software.
The WDM device list just states USB AUDIO CODEC (supposed to be the Alesis) is not available (or in use with another program which it is not).
I think solving this will solve all the other issues.
(Have found similar issues on google, but no solutions)


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I would uninstall the ASIO4ALL driver as it's not required.

Being class-compliant should allow you to plug-n-play without using driver(s). Once USB is connected to your PC, you just need to tell Windows to use that device for recording and playback (input/output). Those settings should be in your Sound Settings.

OR.. Just use your DAW (leave Windows sound settings alone)

I have a USB keyboard that I plugged into my Win 10 PC and, using my DAW, all I had to do was tell my DAW to use the keyboard for input. I'm guessing your Multimix should be similarly easy to connect.

This could be more complicated, but starting from scratch without the ASIO4ALL might do it.. maybe.
1. WDM and ASIO are different. If you're using ASIO4ALL you should see a little icon in the bottom right of your taskbar for it... it may be hidden under the /\ arrow. You should configure ASIO4ALL to use your Alesis.
2. However... If you've got Windows using your ASIO device, it may not be available to Amplitube 5... i.e. Windows is playing Youtube through your Alesis? You'll probably have to switch your Windows Sound Settings to not use your Alesis if you want Amplitube 5 to be able to.
3. Can you hear your raw guitar signal while monitoring through the Alesis when not running Amplitube 5?