New Song Using Neural Gojira DSP Guitar Sim


I've been impressed by those neural DSP sims everytime i've heard them. The song's good - nice guitar playing, but I'd make those drums a lot louder. Also add more impact to the snare and some verb to the vocals as they sound too dry. Is there a bass guitar lol? If so, it's veeery low in the mix.

Ujn Hunter

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Architype Gojira is great isn't it? Sounds cool. The verse vocals could be re-recorded to be more like the chorus vocals... as they are now, it sounds like you're worried someone is listening to you record them... close your eyes and feel the music... and sing. Don't hold back. I agree about the bass, bring it up... bring it up so the guitars are more impactful... you should find a good balance to where your guitars sound "heavier" when the bass is pushed up to the proper level... anyhow, cool song and good playing.