New product suggestion: An 'action cam' designed for music


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For people who want to 1) record visual notes of what they play, so they can later check and recreate the same sounds/chords, and 2) for uploading videos to the internet of people playing guitars/piano/DJ.

Currently not available on the market.

Very cheap to make, since there are 100 manufacturers for these cameras in China.

It's different from existing action cameras because it is focused on audio. It has an internal mic and two audio jacks, and each of these can be toggled on/off with a pushbutton and each has an indicator light. You can record the room audio to talk to the video, and you can plug in an external mic or a guitar in one jack, and you can plug in accompanying music in another jack. You can toggle these off so you don't get noise. Current cameras focus on waterproof, durable, high video resolution, but these aren't valuable for the purpose considered here, and cost/size extra.

The lens unit swivels 180 degrees, so you can use the camera front-facing also if needed.


I forgot to add the headphone jack to the mockup.

Audio should be adjustable in settings, but should be based off music streaming standards (Luks-6 or whatever), another advantage over other action cameras.

Also, the two audio jacks should be near the camera, so they're always facing outward.


I originally suggested this idea to 1010music , because they're doing so much work right now, are innovative, have a good brandname, but they don't want to do a camera (they do synths and recording devices without mics). After someone made a post about Zoom, I sent it to them as well a few days ago. But this could be something manufactured by anyone. I'd also like to open a door with someone/a team, since I have several other products (this one being the least original and so the least uncomfortable to give away). But I'm not a business person or really a organize manufacturing person.

Also would like to form a little relationship with someone who makes 3d mockups or precision modelling. I have experience in this but don't want to spend all that time on it, but maybe there's someone out there who LIKES making images/3d renders, and that'd be a good relationship.

Mini action camera mockup.png
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