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Hello Everyone,

Behind the SINE Podcast

My name is Juan DeJesus and I am a recent graduate from Full Sail University for a bachelor's in Audio Production. I have a couple years experience in music production, however I still believe I have a looooong way to go. My end goal is to build a brand for a production company that I am working on building from scratch. The brand name is Behind the SINE. At the moment I started a podcast on Spotify which you can listen to by the link above. I am working on a couple personal projects, as well as producing for two artists and interning for another media channel that is currently being built from the ground up.

My end goal is to ultimately create my own production studio and produce original content as well as work on some motion pictures, but ultimately at the moment I am taking in all the opportunities I can as I just love everything about audio production and am eager to learn as much as I can.

Juan DeJesus
Hello all am trying to get back into Reel to Reel music! Bought a Akai 250D that has yet to be delivered! In hopes that it will work fine. I have ordered a few tapes to begin with. All second hand. Does anybody know of a site where you can buy new reel to reel tapes 7" size or new music reel tapes?
CFJESSE, you can buy direct from ATR Magnetics. The other tape manufacturer is RTM (Recording The Masters). You can by either brand from places like Vintage King if you are in the US. Typical 7" reels will run somewhere around $40/reel.

You'll need to determine which grade of tape you need. I would be cautious when buying old stock tape (new or used). Many old tapes have severe issues with binder degradation causing an issue called Sticky Shed.

How are you planning to use your tape deck? The Akai doesn't do multitracking from what I see.

If you need any documentation (service manual, etc) it can be found at HiFi Engine. The site is a veritable gold mine of audio gear info.
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Hi all,
I own several Yamaha MT120 4-Tracks, a Yamaha MT4X and a Yamaha MT8X 8-Track. I could swear I have a Tascam at my parents house too. Lol

But, I'm in desperate need of help fixing them. I'm trying to digitize all my old recordings from over the years; my demos, live shows and rehearsals from my various bands between 1989-2018. And I want to keep using them as I love the sound.

Anyway, I mainly just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I was very happy to find this site as it seems chock-full of answers that I'm looking for.

See you around!

Oran, but you can call me Rick 😋
Hi everyone. My name’s Shaun. I’ve recently bought a Boss BR-900CD Digital Recording Studio on eBay. This will be arriving any day now. Aiming to record an album of my songs with 3 of my mates. Just thought I’d introduce myself now cos I’m gonna have a ton of questions as I get into the weeds of trying to record properly. Look forward to picking everyone’s brains and chatting with you all. Have a great day everybody
Thank you Raymond. Yeah I’m looking forward to it. Are you currently working on anything?
I am currently checking out my 2 new keyboards, the Sledge 2, and the Prophet Rev2. Looking at what voices in one contrast with voices in the other.
Wish I had enough space to have all my gear set up, ready to play.