Need some help with cubase 12 elements and VST import


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Hello everybody.
I wonder if someone else has used to have
problem to get your VST files in cubase 12 and
have found a solution to fix it. I think Steienberg
do not like so much about third party things
Not sure what you mean VST import? I have 12 pro on two machines and elements on two others, and everything works. I’m short of a few because they are limited to two or three installs, so the fourth wont run, but what problem are you having? Import is an odd word because you normally treat a vsti as a folder, copy and paste it to where you need it and tell Cubase where to look. Vstis get stuck in all sorts of folders, so there is a facility for adding new locations in Cubase. On start up it finds them and they work, as long as they are not protected, like Cubase‘s own and native instruments, when you have to authorise them on line. Steinberg are fine with third party vsti, that’s sort of the point.
Yeah as Rob said, not sure what you mean by import. I think that in Cubase 12 you can only use VST3 plugins now. But I never really have a problem using third party plugins in Cubase.. Sometimes you also may need to update the plugin from the source. I had a UJAM plugin that wouldn't load until I got the latest version of it.