My name is Judy Kaszas

I am trying to get a price on Radio Shack part #43-1237 for the Desk Top Cassette Recorder. Can anyone tell me how to get this? information?


Which Radio Shack "Desk Top Cassette Recorder", and where did you get that part number? And why do you want to try to self-repair an old portable cassette player?


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You would need to buy from eBay or similar, either used or old stock.

Take note from the manual...
"Telephone Handset Recording Control
Your RadioShack Telephone Handset Recording Control
lets you record and play back your phone calls directly
through your telephone's handset.

Important: It is illegal in some states to record a conver-
sation without the consent of all parties to the conversa-
tion, including the phone company. Check the laws in
your area before using the Recording Control"

Another from eBay....


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People like to make acoustic guitar and ukulele pickups out of these. Pretty much every uke in Kalihi was using this until the cheap electrics came out