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Hey 3M, good work. IBB sounds great too. Bass is too loud for me. I'll start there. I'll give another listen tomorrow and see if I can find other nits to pick.


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Guitars sound great, nice rhythm tone. So do the vocals, nice harmonies, love the 'bigness' of them. Very full mix all around. Love the china splash right at 2:00 and 3:27. Can't really find anything that sticks out to me at all, and I'm already on the second listen. Yea, this is great to my ears. Bass seems maybe a little strong, but I always struggle with my bass levels, so you probably got it right where it should be. Is that a P-bass?

What kind of guitars are you using? I want to say strats but I'm not sure.

I've liked your voice ever since Starving Vegan, is that you doing all the harmonies too? Nice job, man, cool tune. I always look forward to your new recordings.


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When it started, I started singing "Oh, Mickey..."

Hey good mix here. Different for you, no? This sounds like a VHSteve song.... what's going on here.

Vocals sound awesome. It's all very full. I think the bass might be a touch high, something is giving it a slightly limited sound. Yeah, maybe a limiter, but I mean it might be the compressed bass being too loud.

Really though minor thing. Sounds awesome. Please clarify what's the deal here....sounds like Steve, it's your post, and Dave is on drums.!!!


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Thanks guys. Three votes for a loud bass. I'll nudge it down.

Johnny - the guitars are a Les Paul (no Strat). It's going through a Mesa Boogie Mark V on the Crunch channel and an SM57.

andrushkwit - Dave (IBB) on drums and everything else is me. But my real name is Steve, so there may be some sort of cosmic connection to VHS. :)

Thanks again guys.

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Ha! This was great. Just good fun, great performances and tones all around, and a catchy chorus. That's "how you do it," as the saying goes. Thanks for sharing!


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3M, mix sounds great. I looked for nits and can't even find any.
As far as the song -- it's clever and "catchy" in that G-C-D chord progression sense but wears thin a little compositionally.


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Everything sounds nice and clear, a little out of my genre so take with a grain of salt, but the drums could sound a little 'thicker' maybe with more rooms or 'verb,
it's only the most obvious at the start where it sounds a little like a loop from a cheap drum pack rather than a real kit in a room. Even if they are samples, try
adding more of a room vibe (layering room samples or upping those mic's or adding space (reverb). Pretty cool and funny song, great work :)


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Great tune!
I thought everything sounded great. Bass level seemed fine to me. Awesome vocal track.
Nice work TripeM


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Nola - I appreciate the listen and the thoughts.

joshpisawsome - Thanks for the ideas about the drums.

jimi - appreciate the listen. I know a couple of people mentioned the bass level. I haven't listened since then. So I'll take a while and give it one more spin. I may nudge it down or cut some low end. Anyway thanks.


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Really cool song TM! I like everything is clear and not very muddy at all. Guitars sound really good. Vocals sound great. Great vibe. Good job.


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Nice-makes a strong impact when the guitars kick in-really excellent. I like the guitar sounds alot, drums sound good and solid playing. I don't think the bass is too loud at all. Good vocal sounds-clear and up front nice tight harmonies. Mix is loud but not harsh, covers the spectrum well to my ears. No complaints about this mix or song, sounds great to me. Nice work!


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"He's still dead . . ." that's such a hoot. I have no nits with this song. Fun lyrics. Fun listen.

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This is really cool! Sounds great all around to me.

I really like the panning on the drums. When that ride cymbal starts pinging eighths on the right it's just the right volume and tone.


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Xeries and einstein - thank you both for checking this out. I appreciate it and I'm glad you both liked it.


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Really cool Trip. Good song, great lyrics and everything in the mix sounds well recorded and balanced. The panned palm mutes in the verse really work well. Nothing strikes me as needing addressing :)