MRS802 Error on Project Deletion!


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UPDATE: I'm leaving this post up in case someone else encounters this issue. It appears that the Projects were, in fact, deleted despite the projects NOT reverting back to "Slave" status. The same Project Numbers remained on the digital display, but all the audio was gone, so I assume the memory has been freed up.

Help! I was in the midst of mixing down a Master and the unit stopped with the message "Full". I figured I had no memory left in the hard drive, so my intention was to start deleting a whole bunch of old projects to free up some memory. I was only able to delete 2 projects out of about 12. I got an ERR message on the other 10. I have NO IDEA why I couldn't delete those projects. They weren't Write-Protected. I have never write-protected any project as I only do this for fun, not professionally. Any ideas as to why I can't delete these projects?
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