MIDI MADNESS for sure......


Ok....A simple question that gets complicated answers.....What do I "REALLY" need to connect my Nekter Impact GX61 to my Roland JV-80? The Roland keyboard is trashed. Most of the key contacts are worn out..I went thru the unit and replaced all the tactile switches, so now all the programs work. I am currently using a Yamaha keyboard as a controller but want to use the Nekter. It is USB out and the Roland is 5 pin...I know I will probably need a powered USB hub. After that I'm lost (not a MIDI guy). HELP!!!! :confused: Thanks....


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Hey Wyked, I'm not a keyboardist but looking at that Nekter you may be out of luck, the usb handles both the power and the midi transfer, so it would be fine for soft synths but i don't think you can control the roland. I recently bought a arturia controller and even though it had the midi out i required if you decide to power the unit via usb the actual midi out was bypassed, the unit had to be powered by an adaptor, not supplied or even sold by the manufacturer in order for the midi out to work. There might be some way to do what you need with what you have, but i would suggest a controller that not only has midi and usb outs but can also be powered by a power supply. Good luck!

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The USB kind of means a computer needs to be involved, but I've never seen anything that can take a USB keyboard, with it's IOS and Windows drivers and spit out MIDI - most of these keyboards come up as audio devices, so to get the midi data needs a DAW.