Metal mix practice


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Only recently moved from live engineering to learning to mix.
this is my practice from some free multitracks so its not my recording. Only thing to note with them was that the overheads were basically all hi hat.
Think I need to bring down the vocals a bit and smooth them and the overheads out.
Any feedback or advice is hugely appreciated so thanks in advance.

Song is Rebuild the evil- Burial of silence.


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Hey i think you made a good mix, im not used to the genre, but yeah there were times the vocals were getting on my nerves even more than they were designed to i think. I only noticed the high hats when it broke down, the kick really carried the day, adding definition to the guitars and bass. I would think this was professionally mixed if i heard it randomly, though someone more familiar with the genre would probably have better opinions.


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Thanks for the feedback! Learnt my biggest lesson already because the project file corrupted after I made the mixdown.
Hoping I would have been able to sort those issues with just a bit more automation though.