Marshall Speaker Cabinet Mod Opinion Request

Stereo Steve

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To All,
I’m wondering what the consensus is, if any, on packing guitar speaker cabinets with dampening material. I’ve got a Marshall 4X12 with Vintage 30’s and a 2X12 with G12T-75’s. I drive them with either a Peavey 5150 or an Orange OR15 at any given time. While they both sound OK in their factory standard configuration, (empty), I had the idea to pack them with wadding just like a lot of high-end infinite baffle home stereo speakers do. See pictures. I really noticed a difference. There is less harshness to them and when I stop playing, there’s no trailing or decay in sound whatsoever; they stop immediately. I’d also say they sound much smoother if that’s the right way to describe them. And most of all, during playback from my DAW, what I hear is much closer to the sound I heard during recording. Not nearly as much "fiz".

I visit here a lot, seldom post but really value the centuries of knowledge you all have and am interested in any comments based on the science and or experiences. I also realize there may not be a right or wrong, just simply a matter of personal preference but am still interested in what you all have to say.



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the best sounding cabinets that i've seen/used didn't have any of that crap in there.

good materials, good design, will use that interior volume to IMPROVE the sound......
therefore, no sound deadening is required.


I have found this in, and have built bass guitar cabinets with such batting. Does it make a difference? Hell I don't know. I was 16.


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I've never seen anything like that.

I did just have to put some felt/and/or/leather in between some of the wood members of one of my marshall cabs to cut down on rattling, and maybe get better bass, but it was mainly about the rattling.


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No - I use a stock 1960 cabinet. It's from 1980's and I have no need to open it up and mess with it.