Legendary low strings spitfire


Considering this .Looks like good value at £49 . Anyone had good experience of this . Sounds good in demos. A bit limited obviously for just being the bottom end register.
Have you seen this video? He's my favourite reviewer as he's just so good, and honest. I've bought loads that he's proclaimed as decent and never been short changed and he's independent. The important thing is what he says about chords - they don't work quite so well.

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Many thanks will do . What ive found generally is legatos of library's sound switchy in demos . I think Spitfire may have ironed this out a bit in a later generation ie apattionata strings . Thinking about it if you play faster than a single sampled complete bow stroke of the sample it's going to sound unnaturally cut off when changing note and that to me is pretty much how they sound . Spiccatos for example fair better generally . Texture wise many string libraries sound very good . It's getting them to behave right that's the challenge . Legendary at that price might be a good addition to give body in the low end particularly as it's octaved with double bass . And it works with cubase . I'm yet to get the kontakt sorted
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Ive got loads of spitfire stuff and success is very much about how you play them in the crossover. Big changes in velocity between the overlapping notes can make them struggle, but i do have albion and abbey road road and they seem really useful. In michelmore’s video he mentioned the old version and i found it in my new one, a folder of legacy stuff i had ignored, and that patch was there!
Yes I was thinking that recently . Presume it's really a kind of sample loop. in terms of the bowing that's where these legato can sound a bit less than organic . Yes agreed you have to feel your way out of it a bit . Challenging