Know Anything About Sonetic or Pyramid Power Amps?


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Scored a 1-15 powered sub a while back, very cheap, b/c the power amp was blown. I'm looking for a 500-watt or better amp to drive it- plate mount like what was there would be nice, but almost impossible to find, used. So, rack mount it will likely be. Found a Pyramid PA600DJ for $75, and a couple of Sonetics SA185's for $100 each (asking prices.) My gut sas Pyramid is glorified, optimistically spec'ed near junk, and I read that Sonetics were "made by QSC, and they were essentially USA Series amps with some cosmetic changes and only a 1-year warranty. The Sonetic line was sort of an experiment in commodity marketing. The idea was to have a line of inexpensive amps that any retailer could carry."

But does anybody have an experienced, informed, or semi-informed opinion? Thanks.


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I've had experience with 2 Pyramid amps. Absolute pure crap. Specs mean ABSOLUTELY nothing.....IMHO