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from the new Bats Brew album "Elemental", available here:

"Insignificant" is actually the name of a class V rapid on the Gauley river in west Virginia, where my lady and I did a whitewater rafting trip many years back…
we had an incident in the raft which caused it to collapse in the middle of a very tricky spot, the raft folded, and we lost my lady and the guide.
I was able to pull the guide back in, but my lady got pulled down deep in a hydraulic, and spit out 20 yards down river… we chased after her in the raft, and this song is the interpretation of that moment in time.
Scary, and exhilarating. my lady is fine. :)


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Cool Song I like it very much 👍 However, the drums are very mechanical
hey strings! thanks for listening...
the drums, oh man, i dig the drums, they're not mechanical at all,
they are doing a sort of 'march' to get the attitude of going after a whitewater that is full of class 5 rapids..
it's a bit militaristic on purpose... with purpose... by design.
but yea, it aint a dance song! heheh


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Great song ! You did a nice job on the panning. As a kayaker I really appreciate the story behind this one .. mark
well hey, mark, thanks for listening!

yep, doubled up on rhythm tracks, and hard panned them,
so sometimes they play against each other, sometimes with each other.
kinda like the water did that day!!

ok, so you will understand this part of the story:
the gauley, it's pretty serious, cuz folks die there often....

the 'incident' on "Insignificant", a class 5 rapid, never would have happened, if the 2 couples that was with us (there were four other people, all of who lied about having experience in the tougher white water rivers) had not given up paddling through this tough section..

the guide explained it very clearly to us, before the approach, that we had to 'pull' as hard as we could through this one scary hyrdraulic, and when we got there, the other couples froze... it was only my wife, me and the guide pulling, the raft literally collapsed, and one side dipped down into that hyrdraulic, and pulled wifey and guide right out!!

it was intense...

my wife, she never lost her paddle!
it held her down for about 15 seconds, then spit her out about 20 yards down river, and she managed to stay cool, feet downriver and upwards, and rode the whole thing!

we did catch her, and with the help of a rope from the side, safely pulled her in, read the riot act to the remaining couples in the raft (i call them the 'idiots'), and finished in style!