Indie song - Sunday Driving


Thanks for the listen. To clarify, this is my first attempt at this song, but I've certainly mixed other songs before. Although rarely well ;)


Nice Song & well done .. The Guitar has a good Stereo Field but it sounds like the drums are a bit separated from the mix
what i can hear of the harmonies they sound good so maybe pan a little L R & a few milliseconds delay
i think you should be proud of what you have done & try some other Mixes its a good song

success subvibe


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I like the song, i agree with others comments about the bass/drums mix, seems like the drums sound seperate from the bass and guitars. I think dry drums would probably suit the material, if i were producing that might be the change i would try. There's also some mistakes in the drum part which would bother me with repeated listens. I don't think the bass is too loud at all, it seems to be driving the song. Overall i think the mix is very good, nice use of the stereo field and nice separation, everything can be heard clearly.


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Mix sounds good other than the very low drums, but everything can't be loudest, so maybe you want it that way?
The bass sounded off the 1 beat (out of time) on a few bars.

I love all those bands you mentioned! We need more stuff inspired by those bands, so keep it up.


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Nice song - pop version of the Grateful Dead I think - drums should be louder - @Nola is right your bass is off on parts of the beat.


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Yeah cool! Like the feel a lot, kind of a dreamy Grateful Dead, great vocals! Love the backing ,do hear a little bass guitar drift , but easy fix I think, really cool song!