IK Multimedia Freebies : MODO BASS 2 and MODO DRUMS


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IK Multimedia has just automatically added MODO BASS 2 and MODO DRUM to my account.. as freebies.

I've only had time to take a quick peek at MODO BASS 2. There are 22 basses available, but it only comes with one activated - the 60's P-Bass, which sounds pretty good. You can play notes from a neck with strings, or switch to piano keys. It's a different animal where playing is concerned - I'm not really warming to the idea of step-entering bass notes, then spending hours tweaking parameters. That's taking all the spontaneous creativity out of the artform. Maybe I could use it for reinforcing and beefing up analog bass parts.

Or maybe there's a MIDI bass cheaply available.. I've not looked into anything like that yet.

Or... just some software allowing me to use my analog basses - something like this HERE
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I have a few VSTi packages (I think Kontakt is one of them) with some midi bass options. Recently used a fretless preset from one of the packages I own that sounded really good on the track. There's definitely options out there, though probably more heavily weighted toward bass tones for electronic music.

For analog, I just use Amplitube. If looking to be creative and really shape the sound, I duplicate the live/analog track, set a trimmed EQ so one track handles lower frequencies and the other track higher frequencies, then select the pedals, effects, compression, and amps according to what I want the bass tone to be for each of the tracks. This replicates the dual channel effect many pros like to use to keep the bottom end punchy (and/or beefy) but add a touch of attitude/overdrive to the upper end. It definitely adds a lot of flexibility to really dial things in if looking for a specific sound.


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This MODO BASS 2 does offer a couple of acoustic double bass models (purchase separately). I also use AmpliTube - the Fender Collection. I have to say though, so far I haven't been satisfied with any of the pedals. There are a couple rack units I like but haven't found a good use for them yet. Mostly, I like sticking to Amp/Cab/Room/Mic combos for my sounds. I've got IK's Gallien-Krueger 150 bass head that I really like, also a Plugin Alliance Ampeg SVT setup for some gritty old-school rock.