I bet nobody has one of these!

rob aylestone

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A friend forwarded these pics. Made by ABC in the early 60s. A gunshot generator! Single hits or machine guns with ricochets! I bet Dave loves this one


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Wowee! Quite a bit of kit. But as the owner of an 8mm blank firing semi-auto pistol that was on;y a few pounds I have to wonder why they bothered?
Mind you, that pistol is SERIOUSLY 'king loud! Louder even than I remember a 357 magnum being. I discharged it once in the garden during Nov 5 celebrations one evening and it was waaaay louder than any firework! I have not done it since.

Item I remember in Studio Sound years ago. Gun shots were captured on the old Nagra analogue tape recorders. Then they moved to digital recording with its vastly bigger dynamic range. When the rushes came back peeps were not at all happy with the 'closer to reality' gunshot sound!

There was also an in depth article in an AES journal many years ago about a line source speaker developed by the US military to simulate gunfire. Massive thing with multiple 12" drivers IIRC and it put out over 140dB SPL. Might have the book still somewhere.



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OK that is pretty kick ass... My brother in law works in the movie special effects industry....of course it's both visual and auditory in their world.

He once told me how they do the machine gun shots in a movie shoot...pretty low tech but effective

They take a piece of wood @ 2 feet long and do a row of nails about a half inch apart with each nail wired to a gun shot spot on the set (a tiny little gun powder load) each with an electric igniter. Then they have another wire that is hot and wrap it on another nail they hold in their hand...When it's time to take the shot they just brush the hot nail over the row of nails bam bam bam bam bam machine gun shots... The way they make cars flip is another crazy story for another time....He was actually part of the team that managed the epic flooding of the grand ballroom on Titanic...He's full of fun stories