HRK EQ522 | 2 Band Equaliser with Discrete Germanium Opamps

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EQ522 | 2 Band Equaliser with Discrete Germanium Opamps

  • Easy to Use and Musical 2 Band EQ
  • Two Discrete Germanium Transistors Opamps
  • 41 Positions Stepped Potentiometers
  • Adds HF Shine and Space to the Mix Sound Stage
  • NOS Military Grade Germanium Transistors made in ’60s
  • Separate Discrete Opamp for each Band
  • +/-12dB Boost and Cut
  • 4 Frequency Settings for HF Band
  • 4 Frequency Settings for LF Band
  • Output Coupled with Custom HRK Active Transformer
  • On-Board Voltage 500 Rack PSU Filters
  • Direct Sale – Save on Distributors Fee!

The EQ552 is an active two-band equaliser with four frequency settings per band.

Each Band uses a separate Discrete Operational Amplifier made with NOS Germanium military-grade transistors manufactured in the ’60s.

The EQ522 is easy to use and musical. Even at a higher boost level, the sound is not obscured nor harsh, which may happen with modern EQ’s.

The EQ522 enhance the details and preserve the natural sound of any music material.

The EQ522 will do magic for any music genre because it doesn’t impose any pronounced tone character.

The separate circuitry for each band eliminates any interactions between the bands and limits unwanted phase issues.

The 41 positions stepped potentiometers make the EQ522 perfect for stereo operation, tracking, 2-bus processing and mastering.

More info and videos with HD sound:




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