How would you go about connecting an analog mixer to a daw?


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I recently purchased my first mixing console, a Mackie 1604vlz, for use with my band live. However, I would also like to be able to use it in my home recording studio. I want to be able to use it after the audios sent to my DAW so I can use it to mix and master. I only have a basic audio interface, a focusrite scarlett 2i2, and my DAW of choice is FL Studio. can somebody help me with understanding what I need to do, or if I need to get another interface some suggestions as to which. I'm strapped for cash at the moment so if possible, some cheap alternatives?

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Well. There about a hundred ways to go about it. My system is probably a bit overkill for your Mackie but I run an Alesis HD24 in/ot of a MOTU 828ES bewteen a Tascam M-3500 and a computer. You need an interface with enough gozintas/ gozoutas to accommodate your needs. Something like a Behringer UMC 1820 would give you 8 inputs and outputs right out of the box and its expandable up tp 8 more channels foe a total of 16.


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At my friend's studio, where I'm essentially the house engineer, there's a Tascam M-2600 Mk II and a MOTU interface system with a PCIe 424, 24i and 2408 Mk II. The mixer is equipped with tape input and output, but I use the inserts to feed the 24i. The stereo output of the 24i feeds a pair of channels on the mixer, and a pair of the analog outputs of the 2408 feed an aux return. I use the input to the channels so I can feed aux sends (monitors, headphone feeds), and I use the input to the aux return for mixdown so I don't have a lot of unnecessary circuitry (like eq) in the path.


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I was surprised to actually find something like this.. and there's even a hand-drawn schematic for making all the proper connections!

Skip on down to the 8:39 mark for the schematic :