How to process this raw vocal track into this vocal track


mucis procedure
Hi all,

Looking for the mixing techniques used to processed this raw vocals.
The first 20 seconds is the unedited raw vocals while at 0:20, the vocals I wanted to be.
Does anyone have an idea on the plugins and mixing techniques used to process this vocal?
And if there is the name of the character of that type of vocal?
Thanks in advance.

It seems like the vocals went through an amp or something.

Also appreciate if you can mix the raw vocals and share it.


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Didn't you already post this? We're not sure how we're supposed to mix anything when all you have plain vocal and a mixed vocal. Where did this come from? If you have the original, then it would be better to posted the straight vocal and the edited vocal without the music background.
I’ve deleted the other, it had one response saying exactly what Rich said. It seems the OP has trouble trusting their own judgement, looking at their other posts where very often they post good clips, thinking they’re bad. In one they also mention they have ‘an instructor’ surely a quick response would simply be to ask their opinion if they’re the ones who have the final say on if it’s good or bad?

I think there is a bit of Cher style heavy effect autocorrect on two notes, too.
Could be resampled. You know what a vp-9ooo is? it can add zip disc pre recorded vowels and consonants for vocal reinforcement..

a gate can also shape the entry of every word. getting rid of breaths. making words more even. then compression. then limiter..
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