how to make my song longer while still being interesting (DNB)

rob aylestone

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I've never heard a song of that type using 7/8 in some sections - made a disturbing but OK change from the 6/8 feel, or was that maybe double time 4/4? I guess it was how the loops edited together - it was busy, tricky but the voice was a bit lost - so much behind it I had trouble making it the focus and not the beats? Not remotely my sort of thing, but def interesting.

gecko zzed

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There is a lot of musical variety in the track, but what it would benefit from is dynamic variety. Everything is so big and so intense, and, despite the variety, there is little relief. I can imagine that energy and intensity is specifically what you are aiming for. However it does (at least for me) get tiring to listen to.


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That's why I was thinking a laid back horn track would provide some release as well as an interesting dynamic.


2 my cents:
1. include a bridge part (which repeats only one, usually after 2nd chorus)
2. repeat the verse part with a guitar (sax, etc) solo


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I like it.....except for the preachy propaganda in the middle. As a Christian myself, I feel there are far better ways to communicate the massive expansiveness mixed with the deep love and care of God than shouting it at people, whether in song or on TV or any which way, come to that.
I also found there are some bits where the drums are very uneven, though I don't know whether they are supposed to sound like that.
It's an interesting piece. I don't mind that there is little relief because it feels appropriate to the style of the song.


COO of me, inc.
I like it.....except for the preachy propaganda in the middle. ...
I caught a few of the words, but I focus more on that vocal as an instrument and how it plays with the rest of the music. It's musical aspect. The lyrics could be about how to make hot dogs from scratch while vacuuming your car, so long as they're musical.