How to fix messed up headphone cord?

Hey besties I figured y’all would know how to fix this (see pic)

what do I do? Also why are the Sony MDR7506 cords 25 feet long?

Thank you in advance 👏


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rob aylestone

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You are surely not serious asking this. I've been doing it for 45 years with coiled cables. It always happens - you just twist it out and suddenly it pings and it's done? They are one of the few long ones left and that's why people love them!


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Really? I mean.....really? Please don't tell us that you'll need to buy a new one if you can't fix it.


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My dad used to fix this type of thing on the old-school kitchen wall phone. He'd work the bad bit all the way to the end of the cord, then growl at us to be more aware of things. The conductors get twisted so they don't lie right. It's really just cosmetic.

Of course, many conductors lie!