how to add my pedal effect to microphone for a recording on my tascam 424


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Hi so im still learning signal paths and where to plug in certain cables , I want to record vocals on track 2 with my xlr mic through an interface which i have no problem with , works fine , im able to record vocals but now i want to add my delay pedal do add that effect to the vocals during recording. Theres an effect send input on the back of the tascam but i dont know where to plug in what . heres some pictures so you can understand Everything is working fine , recording and everything but i just need to figure out how to be able to send effects . Thank you :)


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That is a Focusrite interface (2i2?) which, AFAIK does not have am FX loop on the inputs.

A quick and fairly cheap solution is to get the Behringer UMC 204HD which DOES have send/return jacks on the mic inputs. The mic pres are pretty good as well. You will also need a TRS to two TS plug jack cable per input.
The above is how to add FX in real time, if you want to add it to an existing track with hardware it get more complicated. You need to play out the track (1 say) 'effect it' and then route it back to input 2. If you got the 204HD you could run both interfaces and send from one, EFF the sound and record it on the other. The interfaces don't need to be synced to do that but you won't be able to use ASIO drivers.

Now! I have given my answer to the question as I see it but, I suspect it would be much easier and of better quality to use effects in a DAW. I am sure Reaper has some crackers!



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You might be better off checking out the analogue forum, further down.
There is a way you can add the pedal effect ~ but do you want to do it while live recording ? If not, you can record the vocal and use the effect send to add the effect, if you don't object to bouncing.


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If you actually want to record the mix of mic and delay to one track and have that baked into the track, then literally just plug the interface into the pedal and then the pedal into the Tascam. You won’t be able to change that mix afterwards, but if that’s not a concern, it’s really that easy.


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+1 to what ashcat_lt said. You could get an XLR-TS low to high Z transformer, but the interface seems to serve that function well enough.