How juicy?


Hat STYLE. Not contents.
Guitars sound tight enough.

Some of the kicks in the main riff seem a little wonky. You've got some swing in the kick pattern that doesn't seem to be fitting well with the straight rhythm of everything else


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I'll have to work that out. I'm going to end up having a real drummer over to play the drums. So no telling how they'll end up. Thanks for the reply man! I'll see what we can come up with and post it once I'm done with it.


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Great riffs man. I think the guitars sound really good.
Loved the part towards the end when you slowed the tempo down.
Nice work!


I might cut some low end off those guitars as they sound slightly muddy - but really not bad and the panning is nice. Classic hard left/right different takes? The playing/performance is quite good as well. Just polish those drums up and maybe add some reverb and you're set. And throw down some crazy-ass vocals lol.

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Yeah great tone all round. Riffs are super tight. They're quite technical but they retain their musicality. This is a great jam


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Ah thank you guys. It is 4 guitars and crazy vocals will be coming as well. Soon as I finish writing all the lyrics and get that far a long in the project.