How do you put your thoughts into lyrics?

I am having a hard time writing lyrics. I have a crap tone of ideas and i do not know how to put them in song form. Any advice?
I know, you want song form.
Hit song - toe sucking fans.
Or poets who play.
Big song.
Catchy - funny - bright -
"Colloquial?" , She said in the slow, low sun set and you nodded yes.
How could you not?
When her brown eyes, so earnest.
Looked you up.
I saw you agree in soliloquy.
Well, me too - damn - I mean
Who wouldn't?
Me not.
I may catch my breath?

Boy, this girl is swimmy.
And they call me Jimmy.
Breast stroke.
Do some c0ke like all the other broke folk on the campus
anyone got a clean lamp?

Got to work at it everyday.
Heed your own word old man!

thoughts into lyrics.​

green bean.
a girl I seen
looked toward me

green bean
the girl I seen
is gone

so I seen a green bean girl
I said it to my mother
mother looked at me and said
"I know, - my little boy"

but mother..
"slow your roll my little boy
you not even a teen"
I wriggled

I danced
I flew a kite
I sweated hard
I sat with the fan in my face

hoping to come clean.
Truthful answer....I have no clue. I just shove 'em where ever they sound ok to me and then wing it from there. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
Count me in.

I type words, scratch words with a pencil or say words to my sweet wife.

For what is pop music without words?