HELP!! Sylenth freezing PC with cubase 5.1


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I have cubase 5.1 installed and many vsts including the latest version of Sylenth (legit) and when its loaded or called for the pc just locks up.
I have tried literally everything. Moving vst folder, renaming vst, uninstalling both DAW and vst, isolating vst, trying different DAWs, different vst versions, 32/64 version with and without jbridge, done memory test and all is ok, updated all drivers, cleaned registry, tried another user account.

It makes no difference when or how Cubase calls for sylenth it locks PC. when i remove it from vsts list it loads fine and as soon i put it back and update the plugin list it locks.
I have even removed every other vst one by one and it still crashes as soon as i give it sylenth (Regardless of version)
I have emailed Lennar Digital but not reply.

What is it about Sylenth's .dll that is different from literally every other VST to cause a kernel panic like this?

I really dont want to consider re installing my OS (its only been a month ago) as i have a lot of projects to working on and re installing all other vsts is going to be lengthy process and would very much like it if that was the last possible scenario.

I can only assume this is a drive/hardware fault but without BSOD. I use M-Audio Audiophile FireWire interface which has been updated and also tested the problem with the FireWire PCI card completely removed.

Any further tips, suggestions to fix this problem would be great but as i explained i have literally tried everything i think of.

Im at your mercy!




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I couln't make music wtthout Sylenth, so I feel your pain. You've done everything I would do and more to solve the problem. My only suggestion would be since Cubase uses dongle protection it may be seeing your legit copy of Sylenth as a bootleg in some way, and is freezing your system to prevent you from using it. I know that doesn't help much, but from one Sylenth fan to another, good luck in your quest to find a solution!