Help needed for a midi mapping problem


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Hi there !

I'm using Ableton live 9 lite and I have a little problem with the midi mapping.

Here's my set up : Computer (Hp laptop), 2 midi controllers (Akai MPD 26, Novation impluse keyboard).

I have 2 midi track that I use to triggers samples trough the MPD. (Midi from : Akai)

A third midi tracks is linked to the Impulse Keyboard.(Midi from : Novation)

Since I mapped every sample with the pads (ex : loop1 = C1 , loop2 = D1 etc) , the loops are launched whenever I play that same note (C1,D1 etc), on the novation keyboard. I'm sure there's a way to avoid this but I searched a lot and didn't find any solution.

Thank you very much for your help !


Just to clarify, you say that the "MIDI From" for the three MIDI tracks are set to Akai, Akai, and Novation, rather than to "All Ins"?


What about the channels? Are they set to "All Channels" or is each track set to a different channel?

And what about the "MIDI To" settings? What MIDI devices, virtual instruments, etc. are the different tracks' MIDI data being directed to?


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Thank you for your quick answer,

1) Yes track 1 & 2 are set to Akai and track 3 is set to Novation , none of them are set to all ins

2)Every track is set to All channels

3) It might be very simple but that's the part I don't get because to me it says : audio to , and every track goes to the Master

Thank you for yout patience , I understands that this could be very basic stuff but it would really help me out to find a way to figure this out :)


The three tracks say "Audio To" rather than "MIDI To"? If I remember correctly, that means you must have added them to your project using a virtual instrument or other sound source (e.g., audio clips), or something like that, as opposed to just adding blank MIDI tracks.

I have to eat dinner, but I'll tinker around in Ableton Live 9 Lite afterward to refresh my memory, and get back to you later tonight.

In the meantime, can you explain what you want the MIDI tracks to control?

That is, you've got two tracks being controlled by the Akai controller. Why? What virtual instruments, clips, or MIDI devices, etc., are each of those two tracks supposed to be controlling once you get everything working as desired?

Likewise, what is the Novation controller supposed to be controlling?

As for "All Channels," that means the MIDI signals coming from all 16 channels are being combined into one big "mega channel" so to speak. Furthermore, if all three tracks are assigned to the same virtual instrument, set of audio clips, or whatever, then that combined with "All Channels" is like having a single MIDI track set to "All Ins" and "All Channels."


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Hi ,

Thanks again for your help , I fixed the channel thing and atribuate each track it's own channel.

I posted a picture so you can have a better idea of what i'm trying to do.

Track 1 & 2 are drum racks that I use to trigger samples , audio clips that i've done or found. Every loop is mapped to one of my pad on my Akai. This is the probleme since every pad have the value C1 , D1 etc. So when I play on the keyboard , these notes are triggering the loops.

Track 3 is a virtual instrument , a synth in that case , that I want to play with the novation keyboard.



You can set the MIDI Channel you want the Novation Impulse to send on (see page 23 of its User Guide), so you could try setting it to Channel 3, then change the "MIDI From" in Live to Channel 3 for the Piano Synth.

Normally the channels of one MIDI port are distinct from the channels of any other MIDI ports, so Live should know that Channel 1 from the Novation Impulse isn't the same as Channel 1 of the Akai MPD26. But perhaps there's something in the way things are connected to the computer and set up in Live that's causing them to be merged together. How are the Impulse and the MPD26 connected to the computer-- are they connected directly via two different USB cables, or are they daisy-chained together with MIDI cables (i.e., MIDI Out of one going to the MIDI In of the other) and then going to an audio interface via MIDI cable and then going to the computer via USB cable, or what?


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Yes !

The channels, that was the problem ! I started a new project from scratch , atribuated each track it's own channel and now evertything is working fine !

Thanks again for your help , turned out it was pretty simple but I had been stuck with this problem for a while :p