Help for AKAI MG1214 please!


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Hi there

I am the owner of an Akai MG1214 12 track recording console and would like
some information regarding obtaining a service manual, and/or repairs. In
particular, the tape transport is very slow and possibly jammed on rewind,
and the transistor for driving the vacum-fluro display has been lost and
needs to be replaced.

Any information greatly accepted, ps i live in New Zealand.

Thanks everyone :)

If your e-mail can handle a 5 meg attachment, give me your address and I'll e-mail the manual to you.

PM me if you prefer with the info.

Cheers! :)


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I'm lucky, I have an Akai MG1214
I fixed the mechanical part (eject, ...)
rewind, play does not work. I hear but can not get a grip.
spent a few seconds, it will stop and nothing
For example, when I press play, the band comes out but is not rewound
I search the manual service and / or assistance
thank you in advance
(Sorry for my English because I'm french)
by and thank you


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