Hello...please have a listen.


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Well.....I really like your voice and I like the sound of your guitar. I do have to ask how you set up the mics and what kind of room you were in. The guitar is very "upfront" while the vocal is in the background. Did you want it that way? Did you sing while you played?

You have a few tempo issues...sort of caused by your guitar playing glitches....but all that can be fixed.

So give us some detail on your approach and we can give you a few tips. All in all.....your work so far isn't bad at all.



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Thanks guys - much appreciated,

- Guitar is tuned to open D (D A D F# A D)
- My room is just my spare bedroom - not treated as funds do not allow at this time.
- Used two mics - condenser that is near the sound hole (around 8" away) and a SM57 further up the neck.
- Recorded guitar first then overdubbed vocals.
- Guitar was not meant to be in the forefront but I can obviously adjust that.

Thanks for the feedback.