H2n question


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Is there any way at all to disable/remove that annoying 'delete all' function in the Zoom H2n device? There are situations where I have almost (unintentionally) deleted some tracks due to accidentally selecting this option when in a hurry to delete something, before resuming the capture.

Fortunately, I have slowly and thoughtfully navigated to the 'No' option on the rare occasion that this occurs. But I would like a way to disable it, so that I can delete files without the worry of emptying the folders. Surely there is some kind of .cfg file or something which can be accessed via some method.


rob aylestone

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The zoom menus for file management and the way you select and fire them off mean that I know what you mean. I’ve never found any trick to changing the menu structure. I solve the risk part by never deleting things on the recorder, simply swapping cards and doing all things audio folders on the computer. If the card is getting full, then a new one goes in. I just don’t delete on the machine at all, just formatting.