Guitar cheating - absolutely NOT Mr Quango

rob aylestone

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Johnny's guitar recordings make me wish I'd tried harder with my own guitar playing. So I wondered if I could kind of cheat. I'm a bass player - not too shabby, so I can play melodies and I can play harmonies - what I can't do is play them at the same time. So I thought I'd see if I could recreate a piece of classical style guitar on my semi-acoustic with help from some other sounds from some of my sampler package - like the fast repeated mandolin type sounds. So I recorded this bit of music - and spent longer layering up the parts than is sensible. Some notes still jump out, but my attempts to soften them don't flow.

The real guitar plays the melody and a fast arpeggio making the chords - but then often it also plays a harmony run of notes. I have no idea how on earth a guitarist plays like this and a bit of research says this is a pretty advanced technique I don't have! So, i did the chords for pads then played the melody, then the other parts, and odd little twiddles - I doubt a real player would have chosen exactly these notes because they'd need to be the right chord family but under the fingers?

Anyway - this is how far it got before I called it OK. 100% a cheat!


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That was real smooth. Excellent playing. You 'tried harder' ? It sounds like you got the hang of it. That could have come right off a CD.

rob aylestone

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Top line and the arps - but there is a repetitive sample playing the faster twiddly bit - I couldn't even play that slowly - it's like a 64th note thing and it just didn't work. Finger nails on steel strings and the length was because it had to last the length of the video clip it supported - on industrial water softeners. I get all the exciting jobs.

gecko zzed

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NIcely done. Maybe there is room to experiment with the stringy sounds, which might give the piece a lift if they weren't continuous throughout.