Good DOD 280A clone on Amazon.

Blue Jinn

Rider of the ARPocalypse
Just a FYI for the masses here, I built one of these:

It's a straight DOD 280A clone. It comes with a 4558 opamp and a LED/LDR combo. I tried various opamps TL022, TL062, 1458, & TL358 and so far found the TL358 (the one recommended on the Tonepad schematic) to work the best. I may have actually forgotten to try the 4558 it came with. There's no shielding for the LED/LDR combo. I ditched that and used a VTL5C2 I had on hand for another project. My review is appended to the ad. I don't have a stock 280A to compare but based on descriptions I've read it seems consistent. There are various schematics floating around with other vactrols (some cheaper than the VTL5C2) and different resistors on the opamp in parallel with the LED.

Using shrink tubing to hold the solder connections to the pots is also highly recommended. You also have to snip the tabs so they'll lay flush against the case.
As an aside, it chokes a bit on guitar with higher levels of compression (which is consistent with many descriptions) but I'm using it with a Rhodes in bad need of regulation and it works pretty well ahead of a Behringer phaser.