Give Me Your Groove


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Here is a song I have worked on a couple of years ago. I don/t have the vocals for it so was contemplating using a site called EMVOICE. Not sure is anyone is familiar with it but might try it out. Pretty much the entire song is digital since I am limited with space for live sound. I am going for a Mark Knopfler sounding voice with females vocals in the chorus. May take me a while to finish but just wanted to share my idea.

Give me Your Groove

Verse 1
When I dance with you
I feel your hips
Begin to move

Verse 2
Emotions swaying
When music’s playing
Your Egyptian Eyes
Got me hypnotized

Verse 3
Soft lip kisses
You Bless my Cheek
To feel your breath
My knees go Weak

Verse 4
Swinging to the beat
I feel the heat
Chemistry’s kicking
Till Dawn’s light breaking

Mirrored Dance floor
It’s our world
Crystal lights
Is our Starry night

Bridge 2
Heaven and Heaven
You have me spinning
Twilight dancing
Your love I’m feeling

Chorus 1
Come on Babe
Give Me your Groove
Making Love
To this two step move

Chorus 2
Fire and Ice
I feel your touch
Gently Squeezing
You’re just too much


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