Gibt es hier einige Deutsche zuhörer?

Bubba po

Tiny Stonehenge Moment
Don't panic, it's just me.

I wrote this song in collaboration with a German lad called Fred. It's about the German "Neinsagers" or "Querdenkers"; you might call them QAnon or "Wankers" over there. I wrote the music and played all the parts apart from the drums (which were provided (as usual) by the awesome Fruit of my Loins, Frank. I am also singing in German. Fred wrote the lyrics. The German language really suits old school Punk, don't you think?

Nicht schöne,
Nicht neue,
Wo die lautesten Recht haben
Die lautesten haben recht ,

Laßt uns mal demonstrieren
Gegen Fakten rebellieren
Euch zeigen, wer wir wirklich sind
Die Erwachten, auf dem rechten Auge blind

Wir machen jetzt auch ne Revolution
Wie die anderen 89 schon Ja,
So wollt ihr euch doch sehen
Laßt eure Fahnen wehen

Dem Orangen wurde der Sieg gestohlen
Ständig nur Phrasen, leere Parolen
Aber so war es schon immer
Die Masse folgt dem größten Spinner

Nicht schöne,
nicht neue,
Nicht sinnig,
Nicht logisch,
Nicht gerade,
Nicht ehrlich,
Wo die lautesten Recht haben
Die lautesten haben recht

Not beautiful ,
Not novel ,
Where the loudest get the rights
And the loudest are the Right

Let's all start a demonstration
Foment our anti-fact rebellion
Show y'all where our loyalties lie
We're the "woke", but blind in the right eye.

We’re starting our own revolution
Like the one in 89, YEAH!
And y'all are gonna see
Let the banners fly free

The Orange one had his victory "stolen"
Incessant sound bites, Empty slogans
Though it's always been the same
The masses tend to follow the most insane.

Not beautiful ,
Not novel ,
Not sensible
Not logical
Not just
Not Honorable
Where the loudest have the rights
And the loudest are the right


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das war eigentlich ganz gut. Wirklich. :-) I could be listening to this on spotify. I pointer, I think you could use longer strokes and less instead of short ones on the guitarmelody on the 'nicht' passages, if you know what I mean. But thats personal of course

Bubba po

Tiny Stonehenge Moment
By revolution, do you mean like the wall in 89? Die Wende?
Genau. :D Thanks, I started to teach myself German about 2.5 years ago, probably as a reaction to the Brexit clusterfuck. I've been doing it in isolation though, so my conversational German is a bit rubbish. I read quite well, and my pronunciation is pretty good.