Fairchild 670 plug-ins: Do they vary from one developer to another?


I'm fascinated by plug-ins that emulate real hardware. By my quick tally, there are at least 4 different developers of a Fairchild 670 plug-in, but there's probably more. I'm curious to know if anyone has ever done any head to head comparison of these different products, to see how they compare to one another. On one hand, one would expect that if the developers have done a good job, they should be very similar if not identical to one another in performance, but on the other hand, there could be some variation in the particular 670's that were modeled, and perhaps also in the care with which they were emulated.

I'd be curious to hear from anyone who has had a similar thought and perhaps has compared two or more Fairchild 670 plug-ins.


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I haven't compared Fairchild plugs but I have compared SSL Channel strips, la2a, 1176, etc... all the different plug-ins from different companies are a little different in a/b tests. But then again, so do vintage units.

They all have the appropriate vibe, they just won't be exactly the same. The same way that Marshall JCM 800s all sound like JCM 800s, but the don't all sound alike.
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I have versions from Waves, Gem/Overloud and Digidesign plus a couple that are not direct emulations but are based on the same type of circuit. Yes , they are all different- the overloud version has three different versions emulated in one plug in so it has the most variety but the PuigChild from Waves is still a go to for me for ease of use. The others are all different sounding but usually have added features that make more tweaking often necessary. Not a bad thing, just not always needed, especially when I already know what I want.


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I have the Waves PuigChild it is okay - not real impressive - the compressor that I like and own is Pulsar MU (based on the Manley Vari-Mu) - it does the gluing a lot better than the Waves. The effect can be the same as a Fairchild 660/670 ( I used to own them back in the 1980s) - Pulsar I believe has it right. The Overloud Comp670 is like a Pulsar - and it does a good emulation - but is not quite there in my opinion.



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Neither I have ever used a Fairchild, nor ever seen, but I read a few times comments of pros who know a real one that Fairchild vst emus do not come very close to the real thing. But I think that's not very important when the plugin works for you.