Fade Out


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I copied an audio region to the end of my track and repeated it a few times. When I try to fade out across the whole section the fade out
restarts each time the region repeats. How can I do a continuous fade out across these multiple repeating regions.

Slouching Raymond

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Surely, you pasted the same section 3 times. It would not be one section repeating.
Use the automation track, and just have a continuous slope, reducing over the 3 sections.
Perhaps you copied the automation track too?
If you did, you can delete intermediate points on that automation track.

rob aylestone

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In cubase there are lots of ways to do fade outs. The simplest way of course, is to just grab the top handle and pull it back to make the fade - but I suspect you may have a setting ticked in preferences - prefs/editing/audio - I'm not in front of it at the moment, but I'm sure there is a box there that sets if a copied clip is just referencing the same clip, or a new one. If you apply a fade or other controls to a shared, repeated clip, they'll all fade (or whatever) at the same point. The preferences option makes a copied section a new file, that works on it's own?


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Speaking from a Reaper point of reference, there's an option to "Glue" the track, which eliminates the loop points, creating a single item allowing a normal fade. I think Cubase has a similar option for Gluing..?


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if you use the scissors around 1 or 2 bars from the end Cut that area
highlight it & go to the top menu Audio drop down to processes & you can see the fade out option