EZDrummer EZX expansions I found the cheapest place


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There was a place I found that had EZX drum expansion downloads on sale. They are the best price I found, and they have 80-90% of the catalog selection on hand.

They are $90 normally plus tax. So over $100 at total.

From Toontrack they are 78% for BF. That's $53 plus Tax somehow.

At Drumtec they are around $40USD. Site has NO TAX / NO VAT.
The site takes Amazon pay. Instant download. They are even cheaper at total than advertised, a pleasant surprise.

In the Amazon used marketplace I was able to get 4 EZX expansions for about $20 each. Those were the only ones , so there was no choice in selection. They worked and had unused codes. They send the box in the mail and it is not an instant download. But that is the cheapest way.
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$40 is a $9 savings to the current 'sale' price. I remember when that was the regular price, and the sale was @ $30. I haven't bought any since!


AKA Optimus Prime LEGO Vampire
Big Rock Drums $27 / 24 at sweetwater
Hip Hop $27 / 24 at..
Progressive $27 / 24 at..

Toontrack weekend sale.
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